Fuma - Hilton

Fuma - Hilton

Fuma, an exclusive dining experience nestled within the luxurious Hilton.

At the core of Fuma's brand lies a logo designed for subtle sophistication. The sans-serif font, with its delicate curves, serves as the first glimpse into the refined dining experience awaiting patrons. Beyond being a mere symbol, the logo encapsulates the essence of Fuma, setting the tone for a brand that values understated elegance 


The visual palette of Fuma, where colors and illustrations become integral storytellers. Picture a palette thoughtfully chosen to evoke a sense of style and flavor, each hue contributing to an atmosphere where visual aesthetics and culinary artistry harmoniously coexist. The brand elements and illustrations represent a meticulous fusion of simplicity and creativity, becoming a visual language that speaks volumes about Fuma's identity.


Fuma's branding journey is an exploration marked by meticulous choices and thoughtful creativity. From the creation of the logo, where simplicity is key, to the selection of colors and illustrations that breathe life into the brand, each move is a deliberate step towards a vision that embodies art, taste, and a touch of understated elegance.

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